Santoni is a leading manufacturer of moulds and die cast moulding solutions for Zamak and thermoplastic materials. Santoni was founded in the 70s, when it produced garment and shoe accessories. Our company has always committed to delivering value to our customers, and it developed into a reliable partner mainly serving the technical application market.


We manufacture zinc alloy die cast components, and we process plastic materials through mould injection, the most commonly used technology for plastic materials. We offer equipment and moulding products, and we can provide any necessary mechanical processing and surface finishings.


Our highly skilled and experienced engineers and the advanced CAD-CAM systems ensure design processes are optimized for different applications, including mechanic and electromechanical components, shoe and leather good accessories, functional and design components for furnishing and lighting.


Santoni is a leading manufacturer of zinc alloy die cast components. Our equipment includes small to medium-sized hot chamber machines for the production of components weighing from 1 mg to 3 kgs. Zamak die casting ensures we can provide solid net shaped components and parts with consistently high quality. This can always be achieved at a reasonable price, both in small and large scale production.

Thermoplastic material injection moulding is the most commonly used technology in plastic material processing.
Our moulding department uses injection presses equipped with dryers to dehumidify materials. We can produce pieces in any shape, size and weight, and we offer co-moulding to integrate steel, brass, bronze and aluminium inserts.


Moduls, die cast and thermoplastic
Moduling solutions